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Izunokuni cycle & walking map - history, Mount Fuji view spot circulation -

Izunokuni cycle & walking map We download cycling map (PDF)

※We distribute this cycle map in rent-a-bicycle rental place, Izunokuni-shi tourist association.

Recommendation course

Regular course 16.4km
Altitude difference 30m

Bicycle: One hour five minutes
Foot: Three hours 16 minutes

Course that can surround "Shinjyuin temple" or "well of Masako first bath" other than the main highlight of all five places. It is recommended to beginner who wants to enjoy cycling & walking casually!

Chan range course 35.8km
Altitude difference 189m

Bicycle: Two hours 23 minutes
Foot: Seven hours nine minutes

While, other than four places of main highlight, going round many spots related to Yoritomo including "Bishamondo" and "Fudo Falls", course to be able to enjoy beautiful scenery including nature and shoreline of Izunokuni. This recommends physical strength pride!

The main highlight


Tokimasa Hojo prays for the Oshu conquest victory of Yoritomo and erects. For sculpture, there are various incarnations of the Buddha of Unkei product appointed to national treasure for the first time in the Chubu District.


Ganjyoujyuin - Hirugashima teahouse 2km

[Hirugashima teahouse]

Place of Yoritomo Minamoto banishment to an island. Yoritomo spent 20 years here.

Hirugashima teahouse

Hirugashima teahouse - Egawa's house 1.5km

[Egawa's house]

Chief administrator place trace. Country designated historic spot. Building is country designation important cultural property.

Egawa's house

Egawa's house - kokuseiji 4km


Old historic temple which prospered as one of sekihigashiju*. The country clear soup (it is dark and occurs) birthplace.


kokuseiji - Kuraya Narusawa 8km

[Kuraya Narusawa (Nirayama reverberatory furnace)]

Nirayama reverberatory furnace is cannon foundry of last years of Edo era. In July, 2015, world's cultural heritage registration of "Industrial Revolution inheritance of Meiji Japan" including Nirayama reverberatory furnace was decided.

Kuraya Narusawa (Nirayama reverberatory furnace)

We drop in and spot

Spot where is related to Yoritomo