Izunokuni rent-a-bicycle Kano River vero

Reservation, inquiry telephone: 055-948-0304 reception hours: From 10:00 to 16:00

WEB reservation

You have you input matter necessary for the next form, and please click last "confirmation" button. We move to confirmation screen.

Concerning arrangement, we would like application by 16:00 on the day before on use day

When we cannot arrange car models by the situation of reservation on the date you like by any chance, we contact from the secretariat.

Rental is possible within the stock of each station.

We rebuild navel of road station Izu now and are absent from rental cycle reservation because it is under construction. I am sorry that we cause inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

Rent-a-bicycle Kano River vero assumes the use in principle Izunokuni-shi. When use across ranges more than (when is the suburbs in the north in around Mishima Station, the west in Numazu Port, the south to Shuzenji hot-spring resort, shoreline hararara sun beach), and troubles occur, in us such as taking care of cannot cope. Please return by yourself to rental place.

List of stock

[the Izunagaoka station square information desk]
11 electric assistant players, family four, cross bike four, mini-vero one, two for child
[Izunokuni-shi tourist association]
Seven electric assistant players, cross bike two, electric cross one, mini-vero one, three for child

※I'm sorry, but it is in condition not to be able to loan as this current system cannot manage the number of the stock (zansuu), and it is possible for the form transmission.
When we cannot arrange, we may contact.

Input screen

The representative name

Example) Izunokuni Taro

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E-Mail address

Example) velo@izunotabi .com

Please input for confirmation once again.

Zip code

Example) 410-2201

The metropolis and districts

Example) 255, Kona, Izunokuni-shi
※Apartment apartment name to "address others" column

The address others
Only applicable person inputs

Example) ○○ apartment Room 505

Phone number

Example) 0559480304
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The staff:
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